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Commercial Roofing

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Commercial Roofing

It’s not usually the first thing you notice, but your roof says a lot about you and your business. How does your roof reflect your business and your appearance?

Commercial roofs come in various shapes and sizes, all unique to the business they cover. We offer some types of roofs that are more common among residential properties, but also a variety of common commercial types of roofs.

RGR Construction and Roofing, LLC installs the most common types of commercial roofs and roofing materials to fit your business budget and style.


There are three main categories that determine your commercial roof type:

Metal Roofs

To protect all that’s under your business’s roof, metal roofing is one of your longest lasting options. On Top Roofing can extend its life even more with our periodic application of an elastomeric coating that prevents rusting and galvanization. Life expectancy is 50 plus years. Call us to discuss the different types of metal roofing options

TPO Roofing

In the single-ply family, this thermoplastic roofing is ideal for flat roofs. TPO sheets are heat-welded to one another to become one impenetrable unit that protects your building from all the elements. TPO is also resistant to most chemicals and it white color help reflect the sun’s rays making it a great option here in North Carolina. Life expectancy is 20-30 years.

EPDM Roofing

This synthetic rubber is highly resistant to heat and water though it is not heat-welded. EPDM is a great option for flat roofs that have positive pitch so that water does not collect on its surface. Life expectancy is 20-30 years.

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